The De Sade Fuzz is an old school fuzz box based on the first version Tone Bender, commonly known as the Tone Bender Mk1 or MkI.

This germanium fuzz produces a sound rich in harmonics and upper mid frequency punch, giving a fantastic, cutting push to your tone.

The ‘Sore’ and ‘Soar’ controls are highly interactive, allowing you to get sounds from gated, velcro splutter, up to a sustaining, powerful kick in the guts that will not get lost in the mix.

While based on a 50 year old vintage design, the De Sade benefits from some new enhancements. Using NPN germanium transistors in a modern style negative ground circuit means it plays nice with your other pedals and any 9V (Boss™ style) power supply.

Use of shielded cable, RF and power filtering, and individually tested and auditioned transistors ensures no idle noise. These really are surprisingly quiet when idling.

Each De Sade Fuzz is hand built into a super-durable powder coated enclosure with raised print graphic.